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Happy Hoodies started as a fun side project out of Kayla’s house as a way to occupy her time and to raise money for local food banks in Minnesota during the Covid Shutdown. When the shutdown ended, she decided to rebrand and focus on a stigma that she personally struggled with and was passionate about— mental health.  Follow our Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook to keep up!


Hi I am Kayla the owner and founder of Happy Hoodies! I am an entrepreneur that runs a few businesses. I started Happy Hoodies during COVID -19 quarantine as a way to spread positivity to others.



Hi I am Alice the graphic designer for Happy Hoodies! When Kayla asked me to help her rebrand Happy Hoodies and create new merchandise I jumped at the opportunity. Mental Health is so important and is something that should be openly talked about more! I love our mission here at Happy Hoodies and have loved being a part of the team. 

We are a cooperative of two minds

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